Like Romans

It’s raining today. If I were in Austin, I would be making a bell pepper and tomatillo grilled cheese sandwich with thick tomato soup. I would also be deciding which musical to watch: a ritual for days like this. I’ve spent today developing new rain day habits like watching the water run off the city then down into the valley and listening to Jeff Buckley with my window open. I’m glad I’ve been stuck inside all day because now I can slow down and recall my recent traveling.

San Gimignano is a small medieval town known for its towers. I forgot my camera that day so I instead focused on water colouring and sketching. Not seeing the city through a lens was really refreshing. I discovered more concealed information about the city than I would have with my camera strapped around my neck. Gelato overdose.

My roommate Drew and I went to Firenze for a day trip last weekend. Most of the happenings that day seemed to be very discouraging. We missed our train, it was raining, Rick Steves led us astray to a Florentine dive for lunch, I forgot to go to the art store, and I had a cappuccino from McCafé before we left (out of desperation). However I cannot complain too loudly about the trip because Drew and I went to mass at Santa Maria della Fiore. During the entire hour long ceremony I was staring up at Vasari’s fresco and through the cupola that Brunelleschi fianlly realised. I’d say it was a perfect day.

This past week I was in Rome for three days: Ancient Rome on Tuesday, Baroque Rome on Wednesday, and contemporary Rome on Thursday. My photos will tell my experience better than I can, but if I had a favourite part of Rome, it was getting lost and water colouring at the Trevi fountain with my dear friend Christine.

Skype with mom soon. Assisi on Wednesday. Soup for dinner?

Forum Romana
Mother and Son - Pantheon
Christine's Hands

Santa Pietro
Castel Sant'Angelo

4 thoughts on “Like Romans

  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t wait til I can join you Andrew. Those pictures make me cry. the second time today. I love you son.

  2. Jeff Buckley? I used to listen to his father! That really dates me. I agree that the camera can get in the way. Edward Hopper tried using one, but said he couldn’t get the same perspective the eye gives. I enjoyed the wonderful photos anyway.

  3. Love the images. Memories of Art History classes…mmmmm…art history. Can you give me some info on the forth image from the bottom – looks like a door/opening, figure is transected?

  4. Hi Drew,

    I had a long day and my spelling is terrible. (Let me try this again.) I want to see how you look after all those Italian meals. Your pictures are great. ( I know I am a Red Raider and not a Longhorn?)

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