Before I traveled to Munich every memory I made had a very rapid half life. Even now after three trips to Rome it is still difficult for me to see the Pantheon in my head. Barcelona seems to be a place I visited at a much younger age. St. Mark in Venice is clouded with obscurity, though that could have just been the weather.

Germany, however, is exempt from this ambiguity. To invoke Kevin Lynch, there is clarity in the images I have retained from the Bavarian city, and the images are strong indications of my experiences.

Each beer houses we visited had unique sensory cues and visual expression. The streets are indications of the eras that they were created. However most peculiar of the city is that being lost in Munich is almost like not being lost at all.

There was great architecture in Munich to be sure, but for me this trip was about solidifying the friendships I made this semester and imbuing that camaraderie into the image of the city. I think Munich will always be a place of good friendship for me; I hope to return.

Günther Behnisch

Italian big sister feeling a little squished
Herzog + de Meuron
Florian Nagler
Herzog + de Meuron
Herzog + de Meuron
Günther Behnisch
BMW World - (left to right) Baby Jackie, Papa Todd, Mama Emily, and Big sis Amanda
Allmann Sattler Wappner
Englischer Garten

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